Take a second and imagine your dream vehicle. Maybe it is a feat of German Engineering, a monster truck, a Vespa, a sports car, an Indy racing car, or a Ford Fusion Hybrid. (A Ford Fusion Hybrid, that is pretty specific, huh? Hey, I won’t judge your dream vehicle if you don’t judge mine.) What color is the vehicle? Does it have heated seats? Leather interior? Does it come with a cool, shiny helmet? Spinners? Expensive new wheels?

Now, imagine yourself driving this vehicle down the road of life. Other cars are on the road with you. Some are pulled over on the side of the road. Some look like they’ve been in an accident or two or three or forty. Maybe your vehicle has a scratch on it? You’re cruising, relaxing behind the wheel. Life. Is. Good. Then, all of a sudden, your car sputters, lurches forward, veers to the side, makes an awful sound and then just stops. You look down at your gas gauge and you realize that you’re out of gas. Crap.

If you’re anything like me, my life is like that vehicle. Sometimes I am cruising. I’m writing on my blog with consistency. My life is balanced. Sure, I have complaints, but honestly the complaints are of the “privileged people problem” variety. Other times, I’ve run out of gas. I stop writing on my blog or write inconsistently. I’ve tried to do too much at one time by myself and now I’ve let someone down, or I have a migraine or I’m sick, or my work is lacking in quality.

Here’s a little information about me: I’m a trained therapist. I have a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Faith and a second Master’s degree in Divinity. I have spent hundreds of clinical hours in sessions with people who have “run out of gas” in different areas of their lives. This means that I am trained in different theories and treatments for findings ways to refuel in life.

I have a point to this I promise.

There’s a saying, “Doctor’s make the worst patients.” And this seems to apply to anyone in a healing profession. How many pastors, doctors, nurses, or teachers do you know who encourage others to perfect the art of “self-care” but who seem to struggle in doing it for themselves? The trouble is, anyone who has studied something enough to become an “expert” on it has become like a doctor.

Now, I know at least one of you is thinking something similar to the following: “I’m not an expert on anything.” or “I’m NOT a student. I don’t have an undergraduate degree. Heck, I was lucky to finish high school.” Ie., you’re thinking, “Yay! This does not apply to me”. However, YOU are the expert on YOU. No one can know you better than you know yourself. Which means that you probably know what you could be or should be doing to refuel your life. However, you may need some inspiration to actually do it.

My hope for this blog is for it to become a place where you can come to find inspiration and new techniques for refueling your life. I was never very good at sticking to one modality in the therapy room, so you can be sure that the posts each week will be varied.

Can you relate with me? Do you feel this way right now? Or can you remember a time when you’ve felt like you were out of gas? What types of things inspire you? If you already know what types of things inspire you and you’d like to see something of that nature here, please comment below. I will do my best to accommodate.