This is part two of my series on “my willpower routine”.  Please see this post for a greater explanation of the routine.

Prayer Time

For someone who is as frustrated with the English language as I am, I sure do love the written word.  I love to put words to paper.  I do not currently nor will I ever fully understand grammar.  However, the ladies of my book club (whom I love dearly) have all agreed that I have an affinity for the written word; not only do I love to read it, but I love to write – to create.  It came as a surprise to me that they knew this about me or that it was true (I never realized this truth until someone said it to me).

This is a picture of all of the journals I have kept since my mother suggested I start a gratitude journal in high school:


For my morning prayers, I have chosen to write down my prayers.  I pray for myself, usually saying at least 5 things for which I am thankful, followed by those areas where I need help.  I pray for others.  If people have told me they need prayers, I start there.  If not, I pray more generally for specific family and friends.  Lastly, if there is time, I’ll pray for the world.  If there’s a conflict I know about in a region of the world, I will pray for that region.  Otherwise, I’ll generally pray for things like peace, fuller stomachs, and more love.

I write down my prayers while listening to an inspirational song on repeat.

A moment of pure honesty:  Occasionally, when I am unable to fall asleep at night, I will start to pray.  Inevitably, at some point in my prayer, God grants me sleep.  (Maybe God puts me to sleep to shush me up.  I don’t know.)  Therefore, I know that if I were to do a traditional prayer (head bowed, eyes closed, internal conversation with God) at 6am in the morning – you can bet I would fall back asleep within seconds of saying, “Dear God … “.

I pray because it is a way to keep in communication with God.  I believe in a God who is intimately connected to the world, who is always seeking that connection with each individual on earth.  Prayer, for me, is a way to put on the glasses that God must use in order to want that connection to everyone.  It is also a way “to act” in areas of life where there are no other “actions” for me to take.  For example,  I am not a doctor, so I cannot provide medication that might lead to someone’s healing.  I can pray that someone’s healing is quick.  I pray because prayer is a way to bring together and have a conversation between all the different parts of my “self” (the part of me that believes in God, the part of me that doubts, the part of me that can wait for a long term pay off, the part of me that wants instant gratification, etc).  I pray because my prayers are one more way in which I can envision and, through my relationships, create a better world.  If I can envision a better world, I can work with others to find a way to create that vision as reality.  For me, prayer is a visioning step.

Do you pray? If not, do you do anything else to help you envision a better/brighter future?  If so, how do you pray?  Why do you pray?