This is part three of my series on “my willpower routine”.  Please see this post for a greater explanation of the routine.

Goal Setting

If my Tuesday prayer time is about envisioning a brighter future, then Wednesday is about making steps to reach that vision.

If you read yesterday’s post, this next statement will come as no surprise – I write down my goals.

I actually use the same journal for each of the following things:

1.  My 5 things that made me grateful for the day.

2.  My prayers.

3.  My goals.

I tried for a while to have three separate journals … but then I would want to reference something from one of the others and that journal would be in another room and I’d have to get up and get it or just forget making the reference and this got old real fast, so I just learned to use the same journal for everything.  This has the added benefit of moving me through journals faster so I can start to use a new journal; and, it’s always fun to start a new journal!

I categorize my goals.   I have goals for work, for my marriage, for the home, and for myself.  I start by thinking about what I want out of my life in those different areas.  I write down what that would look like and why it is important.  Then I try to create manageable action steps that will get me from where I am now to goal completion.

I do this every week so that I can track my progress, assess the manageability of my action steps, and make new goals as needed. I have found that one thing that prevents me from completing my goals is forgetting that I made them in the first place.  This is especially true at work.  Annual review time is a great time to make  goals, but if I don’t check in with them on a consistent basis, a whole year will go by and that goal may or may not have been met.

Do you set up goals for you life?  How do you go about them?  Do you make SMART goals?  What prevents you from being able to complete your goals?