Is it July 15th yet?

On July 15th the third book in the “All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness becomes available for purchase.   I cannot wait to lose myself in the third and final chapter of this trilogy.

You don’t know about the “All Souls Trilogy”, you say?  Well, let me tell you just a little about it.


The first book in the series is called “A Discovery of Witches“.  It was published is 2011.  In this book, the author introduces the reader to a world very similar to the one in which you and I live.  A world where people go to college and become college professors.  A world where people can check out books from a library.  A world where there are witches and vampires.  A world where history is a place where one can travel.

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite the world we know today.

This series is a fusion of history, drama, romance, suspense, and magic.  Everything you know about witches and vampires is either true or explained in very fun and entertaining ways through this series.   When Deborah Harkness chooses to allow a little humor in her writing, it is well placed, well done, and kept me smiling for hours.

The quality of the writing, character development, and story telling is enough of a reason to read this series.  That being said, I have another reason why I am in love with these stories.  That reason is relational.

I have two strong relational connections to this book.  The first is that my mother told me to read it and we have had great fun discussing the book together.  It is as though we have a mother-daughter book club.  The second is a connection with the author.  Now, I’m by no means saying that I know the author, and she probably won’t remember the interaction I am about to speak of, but I love the author for this story:

When I finished the book, I wrote a post about it on Facebook.  By this time, the book was on the best seller list and I wanted to let people know that I thought the book was worth the hype.  Within a few hours, the author had posted a comment to my post.  She said she was glad that I had enjoyed the book and thanked me for posting about it.

It meant a lot to me that the author had found and replied to my post.  I never expected it.  I hadn’t connected the post to the author or to the book like I probably would have today.  I didn’t write the post for recognition but it’s a small connection that I will never forget.

Do you like to read?  What types of books do you enjoy reading the most?  If you don’t like to read, why not?   How can you make reading, which is primarily a solo activity, more of a connectional activity for you life?