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A few months ago my husband and I were hanging out with another couple and together we took a quiz that was going around Facebook which was about the brain and which side we use predominantly.  Before we took the quiz, we each said which side we thought we used and why.  We had a disagreement (which ended up being the women verses the men) about which side was predominantly logical and which side was more creative.  It turns out that, in a rare turn of events, the women actually had the answer backwards.  (Gasp!  It happens so rarely that the women are wrong.  But, when it happens, we can admit it.)

Here’s what being predominantly one hemisphere or the other means:

Right Hemisphere:  Creative

  • Known for recognizing faces, spacial manipulation, the tune of a song, and daydreaming

Left Hemisphere:  Logical

  • Known for linguistics, math, knowing the words of a song, thinking in words

Most people use both sides of their brains.  Some research initially indicated that women are more likely than men to use both sides of their brains equally, but some modern studies are questioning this finding.

Which side of your brain do you believe you use more predominantly?

Do your current self-care techniques fall in line with the side of your brain that you seem to gravitate towards?  Here’s what I mean by this question:  If you’re a right brained person, maybe you need to be adding more art projects to your life.  Maybe you need to add something that will let you dream or envision a future using pictures.  If you’re left brained, maybe you need to be writing a story. Maybe you need to be finding ways to think or say in words what you hope for future you.

Or, maybe you’ve been doing a lot of work that does fall in line with the side of the brain you are currently gravitating towards, maybe it’s time to try to stretch or fuel or activate the other side of your brain?  This might be a fun way to try to energize the self-care routine you have for your life.

If you’re not sure, here is the quiz that I mentioned above:

Sommer+Sommer brain quiz

*Note* I highly suggest looking at the explanation of the results with a friend in the room with you.  Hopefully one who sees the ballerina traveling in the reverse direction.

Here’s another quiz I found while researching this topic:

Quiz by PsychTests

If you need some suggestions for what you could do if you are right or left brained, let me know that you’re interested and what side of the brain you’re looking to engage with and I’ll send you a handful of additional suggestions.