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Picture from http://www.mothersday-pictures.com

I have been blessed with an amazing set of parents. As today is Mother’s Day, I want to share three major things that my mother has taught me.

1. “You raise your children to live without you.”

My mother believed that part of her job was to raise me to be self-sufficient. This means she taught me to do my own laundry, to cook, to balance a checkbook (now my debit card) and to find people in my life I can call on in my own times of need.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t still need my mom – but it has let me become an adult and feel like my mother has treated me as such.



2. Volunteering is a way of life

This isn’t something my mother ever said, but it is something she lives out every day. My mother makes beautiful greeting cards, jewelry, quilts, paintings and more. I’ve tried to get her to start an Etsy page. She won’t. She wants to use her gifts in a volunteer aspect. She wants to give it away.

That’s what she does for everyone – she gives her love to all in her life.


3. Be a doer.

Again, this isn’t something my mother has said; it is something she has lived. My mother has taught me to take action in my life. She has taught me that action is always better than whining. Now, that action may be tears. That action may be laughter. That action may be meditation or contemplation. Something that seems like standing still can be an action. However, long, drawn-out discussions which focus on what is lacking or what we wish we could have if only … Blah blah blah … these are just cases for her to think about addressing the hurt. At the point that it seems like wallowing, she seeks out action.

This allows my mother to experience a lot of emotion and love in life. She engages in love in her life, in her marriage, and in the life of her friends and family.


For this and so many much more, I thank you, Mom!