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Happy Friday, everyone!

Here are a few things that made this week worthwhile:

Last Saturday was a day that Jeremy and I devoted to spending with each other.  It was the day of our hike.  After our hike, we had our own painting session.  Here is what we came up with:

IMG_1195 IMG_1198

I painted the one on the left.  Jeremy painted the one on the right. Can you guess the inspiration for each painting?  (I’ll be super impressed if you can guess mine as it’s a little out of left field.)

As always, Madison put a smile on my face multiple times.  In the first picture, you can see that she had decided to try to take my place on the bed.  The second, she was on the back porch with me, just soaking up the sun as I wrote some of the blog posts for this week.

IMG_1183 IMG_1204

I hit two milestones this week.

The first:  1 month of this blog!  1 full, consistent month.  I even had an extra Sunday post that I hadn’t originally anticipated.  Thank you – to all of you – who have read, provided comments and feedback, and made writing this blog truly worthwhile!

The second:  1 month of the Willpower Routine!  Yesterday was the first day where I could feel that I had made progress in the workouts that I do twice a week.  I could feel that I could get deeper into the movements or do the movements for the entire time the super strong women in the video can do it.  It was an amazing feeling!

Last, but not least, this week I connected with my friend, Chante, who is who got me into reading the Willpower Instinct.  We went to dinner at El Zarape in San Diego, CA.  The service wasn’t super friendly but the food is always amazing.  Below is a picture of my Mole Poblano.  I judge Mexican restaurants by the Mole sauce.  This one could have used a little more heat, it was sweeter than I had hoped, but was otherwise amazing!


I hope each of you had a great week!  I highly encourage you to look back over the week and take a few minutes to write down your highlights.

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