Believe it or not (and I’m not sure I do) it has been exactly one month since I told you about the Willpower Routine.

Here’s the monthly recap:

1.  I wake up more slowly than I think I do.  In order to be up by 6am, I need to set an alarm for 5:45 and allow myself to hit snooze once.  I am usually up before the alarm goes off the second time, but I need to know I don’t have to jump out of bed immediately.  It’s almost like starting my day with a little grace for myself.

2.  If I told myself I was going to start every morning with working out, I don’t think I would have completed the routine for a full month. The variability is one key to the success of the routine.

3.  That small voice that many of us has that can negate or question accomplishments is insidious, mean and ugly.  When I had officially and successfully completed the routine for one month I was super excited and proud of myself.  The very next voice inside of my head said this:  “If you were able to complete the routine for a month, it must have been too easy.” Am I not allowed to be proud that I was able to accomplish something?  I told a few of my friends about that voice so as to make sure that I could quickly silence the voice.

4.  Even though I write and rewrite my goals every week (on Wednesdays), ask me on Saturday what goal I’m supposed to be working towards and I am not always able to remember.  I have learned to take pictures of my goals so that I can reference it throughout the week.  I may need to write down my goals on sticky notes and put them up in places that I can see them.  I’ve successfully completed about half of my weekly goals each week.  While .5 is not bad batting average, I’d like to do better.

Independent of what the mean voice in my head says, I believe that the Willpower Routine is challenging and worth continuing.  I am hoping to continue to follow the routine for at least 3 months.  By then, it should become habitual for me to complete the routine each week.

Have you tried to complete a routine or add a habit to your life?  Have you been successful?  Do you have an inner voice that tries to tear you down?  If so, what have you done to silence that voice?