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Last week, I took 3 days off of work (tacked onto a holiday weekend) to go home and relax with my amazing family.  I spent time with my grandmother who is 90 years old.  I had deep conversations with my Aunt Barb and Uncle Jim.  I enjoyed the company of my cousins and their children.  And I laughed, cried, and generally just had fun with my parents.  I know I am truly lucky and blessed to have this family that knows me and loves me deeply and unconditionally.

This past Saturday, I met with two amazing writers, Kate and Matthew.  Their lives and writing inspire me to deepen my connections with others and to love so fiercely that it scares me.  We met to share our craft, provide and receive feedback and accountability, and to help silence our inner critic(s).

Through the inspiration of these two groups – I have decided that I will be adding a bit more structure to this blog.  For the foreseeable time, at least, here is what I believe you will able to come to expect from this blog:

Mondays – Journaling and the Art of Self Care

Synopsis: I believe the acts of writing and reading what one created bring different parts of the self together into one conversation.  Bringing those parts together is a self-care act. It is as though, through journaling, we learn a little more about ourselves; and, through learning about ourselves, we learn to love ourselves more completely.  On Mondays I will provide insight into what lead to this belief and I will delve more into how this works, why it works, and what it can do for your life.

Tuesdays – Book Review

Please see my previous book reviews to get an idea of what these will look like:

The Rosie Project
A Discovery of Witches
Devil in the White City

Wednesdays – Activity Corner

These will be activities like this one, that I create or find that I believe will help you learn more about yourself or others in your life, or are suggestions for self-care options, or may teach you about applying a theory to your life.  My goal will be to have you doing something on these days.

Thursdays – Megan’s whim day

Who knows what I will share on these days, it will just be whatever I wanna.

Friday – High Five for Friday

I’m a huge believer in gratitude and Friday’s always make me feel grateful.

I hope you enjoy this format.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.