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Emotions, Themes, and Your Communications

For better of worse, most of us now communicate with ourselves and others using some sort of written word or pictures.  Some of us keep a traditional journal, some blog, others v-log, some write stories, some update Facebook or tweet, others paint or take pictures, some post to Instagram, still others write poetry or create song lyrics, while others write emails to loved ones.  Which of these forms describes you?  

However you communicate, go back and read 15-20 entries.  I suggest choosing a random sample from different periods of time, but if you want to read 15-20 straight entries (or pages) in a row, that is fine too.  Here’s what you should read for:

1.  What emotion is your writing invoking in you as you read it?

2.  If you remember how you were feeling when you wrote it originally – are those emotions different?

3.  Are there any themes that pop out to you?  Are you constantly struggling with weight loss?  Or different relationships?

Write down the emotions or the themes.

Were you surprised by any of the emotions?  Reminded about any good times?  Painful times?  Can you recognize any growth in yourself from the person you were to the person you are now?

Did any themes arise?  Did any of them surprise you?  Is that theme(s) still an active part of your life?

If you could say one kind thing to the “past self” that you just interacted with – what would you say?