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Well Ladies and Gentleman, we made it through another week.  Happy Friday!’

Here are a few things that I am grateful for from the last two weeks:


This is a picture from the lake in Northern Indiana on which my Aunt and Uncle own the cutest of cottages.  I had a truly amazing time with my family who I am so blessed to have in my life.  The weather was beautiful, the conversation meaningful, and the relaxation rejuvenating.


This is a picture of the trip summary from my car earlier this week.  This isn’t actually the best fuel use I got all week either.  I had one day where I drove to work and the fuel use was 69.1 MPG.  (Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to take a picture)  When the average fuel price in San Diego is almost $4.25, my Ford Fusion Hybrid helps me start my day happy.  If you’re on the market for a new hybrid vehicle, I highly suggest testing the Ford Fusion Hybrid.


I had the chance to do a bit of cooking this week.  Here’s one of my creations – sweet and sour pork.  The sweet and sour sauce was from Vons and, let’s face it, it tasted like it was from Vons and not a good market.  That being said, it was still good and fun to make!

IMG_1231 IMG_1232

I’ve also had some time this week to paint my nails.  I would paint my nails every night just for the relaxation aspect of it for me, and the creative aspects.  Of course, I don’t really have time for that.  Therefore, it’s just fun with I can do it.  The nail polish is from Julep.  I highly suggest checking it out.  The Julep Plie wand has given me so much more control and precision when I paint my nails.  I highly suggest it!

Last, but not least, I am thankful for my coworkers this week.  We’ve been working hard on a couple different projects on top of our normal work flow.  Everyone has shown they are willing to go that extra mile, step up with an extra hand is needed, and be complementary of each other throughout the whole process.  I work with an amazing group of women and I am very thankful for them!

I encourage each of you to think about the highlights of your week and have a great weekend!

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