In the past year, a major transition occurred in my life.  It wasn’t a transition that I was prepared for (not that most transitions are), and it’s a transition that has left me feeling very lonely, confused, and hurt on many levels.  I’ve been feeling like a pawn in someone else’s game of chess.

When I think about transitions, I think about this book:


This book reminds me that everyone experiences transition and that all of the emotions I am experiencing are to be expected.  While that doesn’t always make me feel better, it helps me normalize what I am feeling which helps me sort through it.

This transition was one that took me by surprise at the time that I could see it was occurring.  Bridges reminds me that “… our most important beginnings take place in the darkness outside our awareness” (page 17). and “Events pile up outside us, and we respond inwardly in ways that leave us changed” (page 23).

These words are beautiful expressions of things that I am experiencing.  I’ve felt blind sighted and I’ve responded in what I felt was and is loving – I don’t know yet how I’ll be changed as, for me, the transition is still occurring.

The book talks about transitions in relationships, how relationships change during transitions, transitions in work, the “neutral zone” of transitions and how endings are a form of transition.  The writing is easy to read, but beautifully expressive.  It’s a must read for anyone who is struggling to make sense of changes in their lives or in the lives of their loved ones.  It’s a book that will bring clarity and empathy.  Most likely you’ll argue with some parts, and some of the answers will be annoyingly frustrating – as you know they’ll be something about time and patience.