Two weeks ago, I asked you to spend 10 minutes and complete a journal prompt that had to do about when you felt good.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, click here.

This week, I want to follow up with that post.

You’ll notice, I asked you not to read what you wrote.

Were you able to do that?

Or are you the type that needs/wants to go back and edit what you wrote almost immediately?  Maybe you like to edit as you go.  I know a lot of my friends who consider themselves writers have a hard time writing without editing.  Many will not move on from one sentence to the next until that first sentence says exactly what they are intending for it to say.

Or maybe you’re like me and when you’re told to wait to read something, a part of you now really wants to rebel?  Sometimes I can hold out for that delayed gratification and sometimes I just don’t wanna and so I’ll read it whenever I darn well please.

No matter which category you fall into – I encourage you to read what you wrote now.

What made you happy/content/grateful that week?

Were you surprised by anything?

Now ask yourself, what can you do to try to create more situations where those things that make you happy can occur?

Here’s an example from my own life of the type of thing you can learn from this simple activity:

Through an exercise such as this one, I have learned that one of the ways I know I am happy/content/grateful in my life is when my friends and I are constantly communicating throughout the day via text, Facebook, snapchat, email, etc.  This communication helps me feel loved and connected – especially at times of the day when I otherwise wouldn’t feel that way.

Knowing this, when I knew that I was going to have a long week ahead of me, I texted some of my friends and asked them to contact me throughout that tough week.  It was awesome to have my community constantly reminding me of their love for me. It didn’t take away the stress entirely, but it gave me the strength I needed to not let the negative consequences of stress take over my life that week.

So knowing what small things may make you happy, what can you do to help create more of those situations?