Wow!  A few really busy weeks have flown by since I was last able to do a High Five for Friday post.

Here are just a few of the things I have been grateful for:


Vincennes University – Military Education Program hosted its 208th graduation ceremony this year.  My coworkers and I worked hard to make this a very special day for the graduates.  I’m so proud of what these students have accomplished while working hard in the military and maintaining their families.


Jeremy and I went on a hike in the Cuyamaca state park.  This was a lovely 4 mile hike.   We took a Sunday off from our church volunteering and we went into the wilderness.  The earth is a thing of beauty!


I went to Seattle, WA for a week of training with my job.  On the flight home, I opened my window and there was this beautiful Mt. Rainier.  This was such a perception shift for me.  I’m still not sure if I now think that planes actually don’t fly that high or if I just have a greater appreciate for just how high that mountain really is … but I was almost silenced by the awe I was experiencing.


On the advice of one of my best friends and creator of and, Dawn Fletcher, I have started to read this book:  “It starts with food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  I am loving the information in this book.  The first half of the book is an explanation of how your body reacts to different foods; how the brain and the stomach work together to keep you hungry and healthy (or are being tricked into not doing that well).  So far everything is well written.  I’m sure when I am done I will write a full review.  At this point, I mention this book now because it inspired me to create these:


This was adapted from a recipe I found at (for prosciutto-wrapped frittata muffins).  The coconut oil and the prosciutto in these are AMAZING!  I ate three this week and my husband ate two.  They’re not hard to make, though they’re not the fastest things to make either.  However, make them once and they’re good for the entire week.  Plus, they’re just pretty!

IMG_1304 IMG_1305

Last, but not least, I have to include pictures of Mya and Madison.  These two dogs hold a special place in my heart and thankfully they don’t know how to ask for too much because there pretty much isn’t anything I wouldn’t give them.

I hope you have all had a great week!  I encourage you to do your own High Five for Friday.  Look back at what or who made you smile throughout the week. Then have a fantastic weekend!


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