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I grew up listening to “Into the Woods” by Stephen Sondheim.  I’m super excited because it will be coming to The Old Globe in San Diego, CA later this year!


For those of you know this musical, it should come as no surprise that I am loving the television show “Once upon a time”.

I love the creativity of these two works of fiction.  I love the focus that both of these works have on the love of friends and family.  The focus on what it means to be committed, to love on another.  I love the different ways these simple stories that are supposed to have one meaning can be woven together to have different meanings.

These stories inspire me to think about rewriting my own story.  They remind me to look around and notice the people in my life.  What can I be doing to make their life better?  What wishes can I help make come true for myself or for others?

If I don’t like what I see is my current ever-after, what can I do to change it?