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I know people who keep a super clean living space who are organized.  I know others who are organized but who do not maintain a super clean living space.  I’m sitting here wondering if a person can be super clean and tidy but unorganized?


I tend to think of myself as someone who lives in the “highly organized but not always super tidy” category.  My husband is in the super clean living space and organized category.  As you can imagine, this difference could cause some friction in our marriage.  I won’t claim that it doesn’t.  However, I will claim that it doesn’t cause much friction.

Here is how my husband and I have come to an understanding of how “clean” and “organized” our spaces need to be:

1.  We each have different areas of the house that we can call our own.  For my husband, it is his desk.  For me, it is a small section next to our dresser.  I try to make sure I do not put a lot of clutter on his desk and he doesn’t complain about how much clutter I let pile up next to the dresser.

2.  We read the 5 love languages and we discussed that I don’t care at all if the closet door is shut all the way, but my husband does.  Therefore, he knows that when I take the time to close it all the way, I am doing it because I love him.

3.  I tell my husband when I will clean up my clutter and then I make sure that I clean it up at the time that I told him it would be done.  If I am unable to do so, I let him know that as soon as I can.  It’s about communication.

4.  We do a deep cleaning of the house 3 or 4 times a year and we do it together.  One of us blasts music, or we both do, and we scrub until it’s clean.

5.  We each have a place to put the mail and other small odds and ends that tends to collect over time.  My husband is more comfortable putting these things in the trash or recycling right away.  However, when that doesn’t happen, he has a place on his dresser.  I, on the other hand, tend to hold on these mementos for a while (or I tend to take longer to go through my mail).  Therefore, I have small letter holder that I bought at target where little things can be stored until I have time to review them thoroughly or let the sentiment go.

What do you do to keep clean and stay organized?  If you have a roommate, what do you do to make sure that the living space is good for both of you?