So, uhhhhhhh … I must apologize.  I took what was supposed to be just a few days of break because I was traveling and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to provide good content to this blog, and a few days became … well, let’s just say, “too long”.

And honestly, I meant to post earlier.  I meant to write last week … but I just couldn’t face that I had let so much time go by.  I let myself down because I had set the standard that I would write every week.  When I broke that standard, it felt better to ignore the blog and, thus, avoid facing my own disappointment.  Have any of you ever experience that or something similar?

So, I’m facing my disappointment, providing myself grace to say that just because I broke the standard in the past doesn’t mean that I will do it again, and I’m back to the blog.

Welcome back to those who took a break with  me!  The next month of this blog is going to continue to be educational, inspiring, fun, and generally awesome.  Thanks for reading!

Here’s my High Five for Friday:

IMG_1405 IMG_1414IMG_1424 IMG_1433 IMG_1426


1.  Starting at the top left:  The break started when my husband and I flew to Pittsburg to celebrate our 6 year anniversary by going to the wedding of one of my husband’s long time friend.  We got to see people that we haven’t seen since our own wedding 6 years prior.

2.  Top Right: How cute is Madison?!?  She had just finished her dinner and was enjoying her dessert.

3.  Middle left: My friend, Arisa, and I went to a concert to celebrate our good friend, Chante.  We tailgated and listened to country music.

4.  Middle Right: I bought new glasses today.  You can see the previous glasses in pictures 1 and 3.  I love the new ones.  Many, many thanks to my friend, Karla, for helping me pick out the frames!

5.  Last Photo:  My friend, Chante, treated me to an evening of “Wine and Canvas”.  This was the painting I created.  I think my tree looks a little like a fire work explosion.  I’m impressed by the background and the shading I was able to accomplish.


 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png