Discovering Your Personality Type:

The Essential Introduction to the Enneagram

by Don Richardson Riso and Russ Hudson


There are a lot of different personality tests available.  The Enneagram is maybe the most thorough theories of personality that I have studied.

In the Enneagram theory of personality, everyone falls into one of nine different personality types.  The types of numbered 1 – 9 and each has a name to describe the key drive for that type.  The types are:

1: The Reformer

2:  The Helper

3: The Achiever

4: The Individualist

5: The Investigator

6: The Loyalist

7: The Enthusiast

8: The Challenger

9: The Peacemaker

There is a 144 question test in the front of this book.  Upon completion of the test, your personality will be discovered.

What I like best about the enneagram is that it does more than describe someone’s personality type.  It discusses how personalities change in times of stress verses when everything is going well.  It includes the fact that no one is one pure personality type so it incorporates that into the theory.  This book has a thorough description of each of the 9 personalities.

Lastly, the book briefly discusses how the different personalities work in the business world, in relationships, in parenting, and personal growth.

This book is only the beginning.  Once you’ve taken the test and read about your personality type, you can get even more information at this website:  There you can join the free member’s section and they will send you a daily quote or thought that is tailored to your personality type.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little skeptical of any test that is supposed to help you discover your personality.  If that’s the case, I highly suggest that you purchase this book, take the test, read the basics and see if it piques your interest.  If it does, there is a lot more at the website and additional books that you can read.

Have you used The Enneagram before?  Do you know your number?  I’m a 2.