Wife Self/New Label Self

On Monday, I divulged a little information about my wife self.  I realize that not all of my readers can call themselves a wife and that is why I talk about “new label self”.  If you didn’t have a chance to read my post on Monday, click here to check it out.

Journal Prompt:

How would you describe your “Wife Self”?

If you’re not a wife, how would you describe some new aspect of yourself?

Is this a part of you that you can try to turn on and off or that is only you in certain situations, such as a “work self”?  Or is this a part of you that might influence you throughout the day independent of your situation?

Does this part of yourself has something to teach the other aspects of yourself?  If so, what?  Does it have something to learn from other parts of yourself?  Is so, what would you like it to learn?

If you’re writing about a part of you that directly relates to someone in your life, such as a wife-self, I encourage you to share that with the other person.  Get their thoughts.  It’s okay if you can’t or don’t want to do this, but it might help both of you gain another perspective.  I know it’s been scary for me to tell my husband that I’ve been hurt when I didn’t feel supported by him, but now that he knows how important that is, he can speak to that pain and sometimes explain to me why he can’t support me or why he didn’t feel the need to step in during a certain conversation or moment.

My wife self is super vulnerable.  Again, I think that is in part because she is so new.  She doesn’t feel grounded like some of my other selves do.  If you’re feeling vulnerable, just know, you’re not alone, that is normal, and maybe, just maybe, that is another thing this self has to offer you – the experience of being vulnerable when you’re older and hopefully more wise than the last time you experienced such vulnerability.