Think about an aspect of your self or your personality that you may struggle with – one of the selves that I’ve been asking you define this past month and a half.

Ask yourself what is the benefit of that self?

Ask yourself if you know anyone else who has that aspect of yourself?  What do you like about that person?  What do you know about why that person acts out of that aspect of their self?

This week, journal as a particular aspect of yourself that is NOT the aspect you just thought of; an aspect that can love and appreciate the part of you with which your struggle.  Journal about that love and appreciation.

Ask yourself how that “troublesome” aspect of the self overlaps with parts of your self that you don’t struggle with (or struggle less with).

Remember – journaling can be through words, but it can also be through song, dance, art, etc.   I just encourage you to make it something tangible that you can refer back at a later date/time.