The last time I sat down to paint, I was thinking about this concept of the multiple selves and this is the painting I created.

When viewed as one picture, the painting is the whole “self”.

The swirls are 4 different aspects of the self.  No swirl is the same.  However, each swirl is made out of the same four colors:  blue, brown, white and teal.  Each swirl “runs into” or “starts to separate from” the other swirls.  It is, in fact, impossible to say exactly where one swirl ends and the other begins.  This means that this painting is like a picture of a moment in time of what the “self” could look like.

Maybe two swirls will combine for a while and then separate and in that interaction both will become changed.

If you assign a meaning to each of the colors, the swirls each have a different amount of each color and are sometimes missing a color all together.  The bottom left swirl has very little white in it.  The bottom right swirl has very little blue.

As all art is open to interpretation, I would love to hear yours.