Advent is a crazy time for everyone, but the pressure is on in a unique way for pastors. You know the pressure to bring new life to a story that everyone has heard a thousand times. You know the time crunch that everyone feels as we all try to get in every Christmas activity on the calendar. Pastors work on the days that most of their parishioners take for granted will be holidays. You know how easy it is to get bogged down in all of the things that aren’t really of Christmas.

This advent, I want to take you through the season of hope, of new beginning, of traveling, of family, of the kindness of strangers and of the love of God entering the world in a new way through a series of daily journal prompts.

To do this, I have created a journal for you.  You can download the journal using this link:

Once you get to the document, I encourage you to print it – double sided and “flip the short end”.  When the printer has completed printing, you should be able to pull out the pile of papers and fold it all at once down the center.  This will create an actual journal that you can put on your nightstand or at your desk – somewhere in view every day.

While I created this journaling experience with pastors in mind, anyone who knows the advent story and is looking to be refreshed during this season is welcome to use this journal.