Much like last week’s exercise, I encourage you to catalog your “selves” in the following chart.  This week, however, instead of starting with the self, start with the situation.  Then choose what self you wish would “show up” for that situation.

The second row, shown in purple, is an example from my chart.

Situation/Where you want to use a certain “self” Name of “self” Pros of self Cons of Self
Personal Finances “Work Self” Ability to set goals and save money, more frugal spending I’m not the ultimate say at home – can’t get mad at my husband for his spending needs.

You may find that there are some situations the best “self” is the one that already tends to be the one you use.  If so, great!  For those areas where it’s not your default “self”, now you have an idea of “who” you need.

Again, like last week, I’ve created a google document for your use.  Here it is: