On Monday I mentioned that I have a group of friends and family that I call my “support team”.

While I’m sure you’ve guessed what this team is, I’ll go ahead and spell it out.  My support team is a group of people whom I know I call upon from time to time to help support me through difficult times.

Here are two examples of what I have asked from my support team:

1.  I have asked my support team to send me messages (texts, Facebook posts, tweets, emails, etc) on days or weeks when I know that I will need that extra boost that I can only get from interactions with my friends and family.  Examples have been the day of a big test or the week of a long work trip.

2.  I have asked my support team to help me edit my resume/cover letter and motivate me as I continue to look for a job or make career transitions.

It can feel very humbling to ask for support.  It can feel humiliating to ask for support.  It can also feel good to ask for support.  (I don’t want to solely focus on the negative.)  However, one thing I have realized is that I always feel amazing when I get to help.  By asking for help, you are providing the opportunity for someone else to get to be helpful.  Plus, by asking for help, you know that they will be helpful in the way that you actually need.  When you ask for help in a specific area, the other person no longer has to guess what would be helpful for you.

So today, I encourage you to journal about who it is in your life that you can reach out to who you know will support you?  What is going on in your life that you might want some extra support with?  Can you ask for that support?

Then, if you have a need, go ask your team to support you while you see that those needs are met.