Journal Prompt #1:

For those who are already journaling:  If you’ve been journaling recently, take some time today to read what you’ve been journaling about.  Is there a person or a group of people who seem to be the focus of your stress, anxiety, worry?  If so, journal about what would it look like to take a step back from that stress and love yourself.  What avenues for action are available for you now that you’ve taken this step away from the stress?

Journal Prompt #2:

For those who have not been journaling lately or who do not want to do the first prompt:  Write yourself a letter explaining why you like who you are.  If it helps, imagine that you are writing a note to your best friend about your new found love: yourself.   What makes you amazing?  What do you see through the rose colored glasses that you have for yourself?  What potential do you know you have?  Why do want a future with this person (yourself)?