It can be very overwhelming to be told to “love yourself”.  I mean, where do you start?  Do you stop eating junk food, start reading more, go the gym every day, meditate, start yoga, journal every day, and confront everything that is holding you back?

What it means to love yourself will look different for everyone.  Here is a prompt to help you determine your “top 5” focuses for loving yourself.

Write down as many traits, values, talents, strengths, skills, etc that you currently embody or want to embody.  Write down at least 20, but don’t feel like once you hit 20 you need to stop.  If you can write down 40, 60, 1000s of different words to describe you (which have a positive connotation), that is fabulous!

Examples could include, but are not limited to: joyous, adventurous, family/friend oriented, supportive, ethical, authentic, connective, creative, action-oriented, big picture oriented, detail oriented, inclusion, driven, service, loving, silly, beautiful, balanced, teacher, compassionate …

Once you have your list, think about how you want to be defined.  If you had to summarize yourself in five words, what would those five words be?  What is your brand?  What do you hope that your friends and family associate with you?

Review your list, add more words, if you need.  Now, narrow that list down to just 5 words.  Eliminate words from your list until you are left with just 5 words.

Post those five words in a place you can see them every day.

Now answer this question:  What have I done today that exemplifies those 5 words?  What could I have done better to exemplify those words?  What can I do tomorrow to highlight those 5 words in my life?

P.S. I got the idea for this journal prompt from the daily planner, “Day Designer: The Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for living a Well-Designed Life” by Whitney English and my good friend Dawn (