Step 2 of the three-step journaling plan for creating realistic, joyful, life-fulfilling goals for 2016

If you missed step 1 of this plan, take just a few minutes and click here to go back and read yesterday’s post which outlines step 1.  No worries, we can wait …

Now do yesterday’s journal prompt.  We’ll wait again …

Okay, now all of us are caught up.  Those of you who did yesterday’s prompt yesterday, I encourage you to pull it out.  Everyone review what you created again.  Take a deep breath.  Notice the smile on your face.  Take another deep breath.  You are already accomplished and now it’s time to accomplish more.  Step 1 was to remind ourselves that resolutions do not always fail.  We’re setting ourselves up for success here, people.  Our success is not a new thing – but it’s something we’re going to continue in 2016.

Today I encourage you to think about all of the areas of your life on which you might want to focus.  If you like to make lists, make a list.  If you like spacial maps, make a spacial map.  If you like to draw, draw something to represent those areas.  As always, create something to represent an answer to this prompt: What areas of your life do you want to focus on for 2016?

Need some ideas to get the juices flowing?  Here are a few:

  • Read this post on the barrel theory.  Label your slats.  Which are the shortest?
  • Thinks about your PIES: your Physical self, your Intellect, your Emotional self, and your Spiritual self
  • Who are the most important people in your life?  What can you do to further connect with them?
  • What are the key aspects of your life that you want to focus on?
  • Create a list of adjectives that could be used to describe yourself.  Ask your close friends and family to do the same.  What adjectives do you wish were there?  Which would you like to highlight in 2016?

Don’t make any decisions yet, but take a look at what you created.  What are you currently drawn to?  Post whatever you created by your bed or wherever you’ll be sleeping tonight.  Allow yourself to dream about the life you’re envisioning for one day BEFORE you narrow down your focus to one or a set of specific resolutions.  Allow yourself to dream big or dream about small details.  Let’s see if what you seem to be drawn to right now is what you are drawn to tomorrow.

Here’s what will be by my bedside tonight: