Happy Last Day of 2015, everyone!  Today is your final day to create your 2016 Resolutions in time to start them on day 1 of 2016.  If you haven’t seen steps 1 and 2 of this three-step process to creating realist, joyful, life -fulfilling goals for 2016, I encourage you to click here and here.

Let’s get in the proper mind set to create and choose our goals.  Read again the story you created for step 1.  Then look at what you created for step 2.  Anyone have any dreams about what you will be in 2016?  Anything just jumping out at you from your step 2 creation?

In step 3, we are going to choose between 1 and 3 goals for 2016 and then we’re going to make these goals memorize-able and SMARTER!

After reading my story and reviewing my “map” of everything I want to do in 2016, I have narrowed my focus down to the following three goals:

  1. Going hiking once a month
  2. Completing monthly goals for my new coaching business
  3. Allow my obsession with Painting to grow and go wild

The first thing I want to do is memorize these goals.  Here are a few techniques that I teach my students for memorizing psychological terms:

  1. Create and use flash cards
  2. Use alliterations to remember sets of words
  3. Tell yourself a story and connect the key words to the key plot points

I think I’ll create an alliteration out of my three.  Hmm … let’s shorten each goal to one word:  hiking, coaching, painting.  H, C, P … C, P, H … P, C, H, … Have Clothes Pressed … Create Prized Haven … Presenting challenging hotel … hmmm

I like Create Prized Haven.  That seems to represent the ideals of New Year’s Resolutions.  Create Prized Haven – Coaching, Painting, Hiking.  I think I can remember that.  Hmm … I may even have to use that for the inspiration for a painting …

Now that I have my goals memorized – now it’s time to make these goals SMARTER.  You may have already heard for SMART goals, but the lesser known SMARTER goals are something that we discussed in my Christian Coaching Institute class.  Here’s what SMARTER stands for:








For each goal you create – make the goal SMARTER by answering these questions:

Specific – What exactly are you looking for in this goal?  What do you hope to accomplish?

Measureable – How will you measure success towards your goal?

Attainable – Is your goal attainable?  If not, how can you amend the goal to make it attainable?  Are there resources you need to make the goal attainable?  Can you get those resources?

Relevant – Is the goal relevant to your life?  Is the goal worth working towards?

Timely – What is the timeline for attaining your goal?  If you created benchmarks in answering any of the previous questions, when do you want to meet those benchmarks?  If you haven’t done that yet, are there benchmarks you should create?  When would you want to have those accomplished by?

Evaluate – When will you evaluate your progress?

Reward – What will the reward be for completing this goal?

Here’s an example based on my third goal:  Allow my obsession with painting to grow and go wild!

Specific –  I want to use painting as a creative outlet.  I want to paint with wild abandon.  I want to set aside time to do something where I stop evaluating the product and just allow myself to be.  I want to do something where I can be as authentic as possible.  I want to do something that gives me the experience of the journey of life.  Painting has been that for me in 2015 on a small scale and I want to give myself over to that on a larger scale in 2016

Measureable – I will complete a minimum of 100 works in 2016.  Each work I create will be numbered 1 – 100 and given the date of 2016 so as to make counting easier.

Attainable – Yes, this goal is attainable.  This is less than 2 paintings a week for the entire year.  I have been given money for canvases, an easel, and paints for my birthday and Christmas.  I will use that to get a good start on what I need to make this goal attainable.  I will set aside a night, probably Thursday evenings, as my art night.  I will invite others to join to me in my art nights.

Relevant – I am excited to try to reach this goal.  I believe the number of canvases will stretch my creative skills.  I believe this goal will require me to face the journey of life even when I may not feel like it – forcing me to put “self care” on my to do list even when I start to think that my schedule is too full for self-care.

Timely – The goal could be more timely … hmm … Let’s set a monthly goal of 9 canvases.  This will mean that I’ll have 99 canvases done by November 30, 2016.  This will be perfect because I may not have a lot of time to paint in December.  This also means that if I don’t make it one month, I have some wiggle room.  I can further break this down to 3 canvases a week per month with one week off.  This allows me to take some time off of the painting if I so choose.

Evaluate – I will evaluate my progress towards reaching my goal the last week of each month.  I will incorporate this evaluation into my weekly calendar sessions that I already do.

Reward – I will put in a jar $1.00 upon completion of each canvas.  This means that upon completion of the 100 canvases, I will have $100.00 to spend however I see fit.  (I will have to confer with my husband to make sure he is comfortable with this reward.)

Do this with each of your goals and you’ll come up with goals that you not only will be able to successfully complete but that you will want to track the completion of not only in January, but in March, July, November, December and all the other months of 2016.

One more thing – once you’ve done this with each of your goals – answer this last question:

On a scale of 1 – 10, what do you believe is the likelihood that you will be successful at completing this goal?

If you choose a number less than 6 – I encourage you to edit the goal until you can come up with a number higher than 6 – or just throw the goal out completely.

If you choose a number higher than 6 but less than 9 – I encourage you to edit the goal until you can choose a number that is larger.

If you choose the number 10 – then you’re well on your way to being able to say “I succeeded in completing my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions!”