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Okay, it’s not like MFack Coaching ever really left.  But as a side business, this blog and many things related to the business got “pushed to the side” more than I had intended.  This was in large part because my vision for the company was not fully formed.  To be really honest, I’ve been struggling for years to create a consistent vision for this coaching business.  And, to continue that honesty, the struggle is not over. “Fully formed,” what does that even really mean?

So, I’m coming to you from a place of struggle.  This place of struggle, I want to discuss it thoroughly with you.  I believe discussions from this place of struggle, of vulnerability, of not-known, will be beneficial for both of us.  I believe this because working with myself and others who are in this place of vulnerability, of struggle, is where MFack Coaching wants to be.

MFack Coaching is a place for people of struggle.  A place for people who want to figure out how to be in a space of vulnerability/struggle/uncertainty.  Let’s face it, many of us work pretty hard to stay out of these spaces or spend as little time as we can there.  But, when I’m healthy, I want to be in the “struggle space” because I recognize that this struggle space creates depth in my life, allows for greater self-knowledge, and leads to humble confidence.   It is a space of great emotions – sorrow, for sure, but also great joy.

To be real with you, the struggle is stressful.  MFack coaching will help people recognize their fight or flight response and when to use it.  No one should live in the “struggle space” forever.  However, most of us should live in the “struggle space” more often.

Here’s my last bit of honesty for today:  I cried when I was able to articulate this idea to my husband, yesterday.  When things feel real, when they are my capital T Truth, I cry.  It was because of those tears that I knew I needed to share this. I’m so excited to see where things go from here.