I am an optimist. I’m also a realist. Which means I tend to understand the realities of this life – but I’m always working towards bringing about a better reality. I’m full of contradictions, including but not limited to: I enjoy College Basketball (Go IU!), but do not enjoy Pro-Basketball (except at the Olympics). I love the NLF, but don’t really care about college football (Go IU???). I love both dogs and cats and, more recently, bunnies. I love dark chocolate but hate milk or white chocolate.

I love to read. What’s more fun than reading, however, is reading a book and discussing the information with others.

My family and my friends are my lifeline. I try to live my life with these people as my top priority. However, I know that work and the accumulation of “stuff” sometimes creep up to the number 1 spot … until I intentionally kick work and stuff back down again.

This blog will be a look into what I have learned about taking care of myself, how I find meaning/purpose, what role my learning and my faith plays into that learning/purpose and how my relationships are what fuel my ever-increasing optimism about life.

I share this information here because I want you to know who I am, and it will be in the sharing, in the relationship, where meaning and purpose can be found and together we will create a reality that is better than the one I know today.

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